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I'm Laura 

I have dedicated my life to helping women on fertility journeys, and through all life and hormones can throw at them using the power of Chinese Medicine. I wanted to create something for women to use outside of the treatment room through their IVF journey. Supporting them to carve time and space for themselves, allowing them to pause and connect back to the person beyond the IVF, menopause or whatever it is life is throwing at you. 

The Return to You Collection was born with a precious essential oils blend to use at each stage of your IVF Cycle. Each blend is formulated in a similar way to an herbal formula, selecting ingredients with the desired benefits I have seen to be the common needs during IVF.

The beauty of Chinese medicine is that we treat the individual and due to the formulations, this means the blends have multiple applications allowing them to be used to support various life stages, such as pregnancy and menopause.

Read more about the story behind the blends.

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