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Return to You is a collection of Essential Oil ( EO) blends developed by Laura Bicker to support women on the rollercoaster of IVF. 


Laura's Essential Oils are hand-blended in small batches in the North East of England, to her secret recipes. Bringing together a lifetime of experience supporting women through infertility using Traditional Chinese medicine and traditional use of essential oils. 


This collection aims to support women in creating time to connect back to the person behind the IVF.  Laura has created a beautiful blend for each stage of the IVF cycle to enhance the aspects of the constitution most typically affected by IVF.  The oils also allow you to create time and space surrounded by the magic and aromas of essential oils (EO).  Laura has created rituals to help guide you in making special moments for you.


  • 5ml of Down - Return to a calmer You. 
  • 5ml of Up - Take an uplifting moment for You. 
  • 5ml of Wait - A supporting blend for You. 
  • 5ml of Relief - A moment of relief for You. 
  • 30ml of Pillow - For a more rested You.


The short option excludes the down blend for an agonist-style protocol.

Frozen excludes the up blend.


Laura developed the Return to You collection with the phases of the IVF cycle in mind. Making it a perfect gift for a friend or family member on an IVF journey or just a treat for yourself.


Each fragrance brings a new ritual or opportunity for you to connect to yourself.  Creating time and space to recalibrate in the times when you need it the most.  Each blend is filled with the precious and powerful aromas of the finest essential oils and the wisdom of Chinese medicine to calm the mind and elevate your consciousness. Use every oil as an opportunity to connect to you. The person beyond the IVF.


Return to You EO collection for IVF

  • Laura Bicker Essential oil blends are:

    • made using only the finest organic Essential oil.  All* of the essential oils in our blends are certified organic by the soil association and are food-grade quality*. *Only Dang Gui Essential oil is currently not organic. 
    • Vegan
    • Hand blended with love by Laura in the North East of England. 

    None of the ingredients used are tested on animals.

    All blends are designed with the conception journey in mind so are blended to be safe in pregnancy, ensuring you can enjoy your oils with peace of mind. If in doubt consult your GP or qualified aromatherapist.

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