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The story behind the oils.

Around eight years ago the seed of an idea grew in my mind while completing some training around classical techniques in Chinese Medicine.  At this time I was introduced to the use of essential oils in Chinese Medicine and almost instantly knew I needed to share this with women on an IVF Journey.

I have long wanted to find ways to help share my knowledge and experience with women outside of the treatment room and those who may not have access to an acupuncturist. I believe Essential oils are a fantastic way to facilitate that.

Developed with you in mind.

Over the course of around three years, I worked on developing the formulation of the blends according to Chinese medicine theories, coupled with my experience and understanding of the common needs of women going through IVF.  Fortunately, the shift of working during covid allowed this to progress further, and together with a professional biochemist and aromatherapist, we worked to perfect the blends. Staying true to the roots of Chinese medicine in each blend, but endeavoring to make them as aromatically pleasing and hedonistic as possible.

Each blend is my own secret recipe, hand blended, bottled, and packaged by me with a lot of time, love, and care.  I source the oils from ethical UK suppliers and ensure all ingredients are of the highest quality.  Each blend stayed true to the original formulas with no expense spared. Choosing the best ingredients and all organic where possible.  Currently, only one ingredient used is not organic, but I will endeavor to change that as soon as it is possible.  I have also worked to create a beautiful product, so you may also feel a little special if just for a moment, while trying to strike a balance on packaging.  All oils are shipped using recycled packaging, loving wrapped to protect them, without excessive boxing, etc.

My patients have a lot of love for these products and hope you will too. Use them to create time and space to connect back to yourself for a moment, remembering who you are, the person beyond the IVF.

If you would like to be part of helping spread the word about my range of products join my affiliate program here

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