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Acupuncture Research

Electroacupuncture Reduces Uterine Artery Blood Flow Impedance in Infertile Women

Ming Ho 1Li-Chia HuangYin-Yi ChangHuey-Yi ChenWei-Chun ChangTung-Chuan YangHorng-Der Tsai

Immediate Effect of Acupuncture at Sanyinjiao (SP6) and Xuanzhong (GB39) on Uterine Arterial Blood Flow in Primary Dysmenorrhea

Yan-Pu Yu 1Liang-Xiao MaYu-Xiang MaYu-Xia MaYu-Qi LiuCun-Zhi LiuJie-Ping XieShu-Zhong GaoJiang Zhu

Acupuncture and good prognosis IVF patients: Synergy

P.C. MagarelliD.K. CridenndaM. Cohen

Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Center, Colorado Springs, CO; East Winds Acupuncture, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO

Acupuncture Treatment for Fertility

Jihe Zhu, Blagica Arsovska, and Kristina Kozovska

Inositol supplement improves clinical pregnancy rate in infertile women undergoing ovulation induction for ICSI or IVF-ET

Xiangqin Zheng, MD, Danmei Lin, MD, [...], and Yan Sun, MD

Pretreatment with myo-inositol in non polycystic ovary syndrome patients undergoing multiple follicular stimulation for IVF: a pilot study

Franco LisiPiero CarfagnaMario Montanino OlivaRocco RagoRosella LisiRoberta PoveriniClaudio MannaElena VaqueroDonatella CasertaValeria RaparelliRoberto Marci & ​Massimo Moscarini 

Male Infertility

Temporal Trends in Sperm Count: A Systematic Review and Meta-Regression Analysis

Hagai Levine 1 2Niels Jørgensen 3Anderson Martino-Andrade 2 4Jaime Mendiola 5Dan Weksler-Derri 6Irina Mindlis 7Rachel Pinotti 8Shanna H Swan 7

Testicular dysgenesis syndrome: an increasingly common developmental disorder with environmental aspects: Opinion 

N.E. SkakkebækE. Rajpert-De MeytsK.M. Main

International Geographic Correlation Study of the Prevalence of Disorders of Male Reproductive Health

T Serrano 1C ChevrierL MultignerS CordierB Jégou

Sperm selection in natural conception: what can we learn from Mother Nature to improve assisted reproduction outcomes?

Denny Sakkas, Mythili Ramalingam, and Christopher L.R. Barratt