I chose to offer the Skin Alchemist rage as for me and many of my clients it has been love at first use.  These products speak for themselves but here is some info about the range:

Founder Theresa was born on the small Caribbean island of St Lucia with a love for peaceful pink sunrises, jaw-dropping orange sunsets and the sea in her DNA. She has a passion for recreating and returning to ancient traditions. Her beliefs in the healing power of plant medicine are deeply rooted in her heritage and childhood experiences.

The catalyst for creating nutrient-dense, plant-based skincare came from experiencing first-hand the detriment to her health from living a fast-paced lifestyle, devoid of any consideration for the source and quality of food and the health benefits which come from living a more holistic lifestyle.  Theresa found healing by returning to the traditional teachings of the women in her childhood community and her beloved herbalist aunt who was a master healer. Skin Alchemists was born from a desire to feed and nurture her skin and mind in the same manner as her body.

Skin Alchemists products are not your average natural skincare. We handcraft nutrient-dense herbal infusions, using the highest quality of ingredients, promoting plant alchemy and ancient healing practices through self-care