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Aromatherapy developed to Replenish, Restore & Return to You 

Return to you.

Every oil is designed with you In mind.  Using the precious and powerful aromas of the finest Essential Oils (EO) and the wisdom of Chinese medicine. To calm the mind and elevate your consciousness.

Use every oil as an opportunity to connect to You.


The woman beyond the struggles, the journey, the transition. My essential oils are blended using the traditions of Chinese medicine to provide therapeutic blends tailored to You.  When making these blends I chose the best oils for the job with no expense spared. Rather than switch out expensive ingredients I committed to using the best oil for the job as well as sourcing them from trusted ethical suppliers I have committed to using organic food grade oils as much as possible and keeping packaging to a minimum to reduce waste.

Discover the range...

200517 - Laura Bicker Studio Session0072.jpg
Bathtub and Candle

Create space for a new ritual

Rituals allow us to make the space to connect to our deepest thoughts and feelings. Aromas have been used throughout history to help focus and align our consciousness for ritual. I have created rituals for you to use alongside your oils to create space for you in the moments when you need it the most. Access a bank of rituals with every purchase.

Make space for you..

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