Laura Bicker

I’ve been practicing traditional Chinese medicine since 2005.  


In 2006, I found that the traditional medicines and techniques I’d trained in were particularly effective at helping women who were having difficulty conceiving.  The more success I had, the more couples looking to start a family would get in touch with me. So, I made the decision to specialise in women's health and fertility.  


Fifteen years on I am still just as passionate about fertility and providing the most complete service and support I can to all my patients.


How I can help you 


I bring a natural and holistic approach to all aspects of women’s health, pregnancy, and post-partum recovery – as well as male infertility. 


My training in traditional Chinese medicine forms the foundation for my treatments, which consist of a combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine. Alongside this, I use my specialist training and experience to build in elements of nutrition, lifestyle advice, yoga and massage.


Through my training in western diagnostic techniques, I can prescribe traditional treatments that complement Western fertility treatments such as IVF to give you the best chances of conceiving. 


Take a look at my full range of services to find out exactly how I can help you. 

My training

My training began when I started a five-year BSc hons degree in traditional Chinese medicine. This took me to Beijing, where I spent six months training in two of the city’s teaching hospitals and received a Bachelor of Medicine.  


​After graduating in 2005, I set up my first practice and have been helping couples build their families ever since. 


Every year I’ve developed and expanded my professional knowledge and skillset, training under expert practitioners such as Jane Lyttleton, Charlie Buck, Janni White, and Naava Carmen. 


More recently I completed an Advanced Fertility Diploma – a new qualification for practitioners that brings together Western diagnostic techniques with traditional Chinese treatments. Alongside my training at Warwick University, this has expanded my knowledge further into the area of reproductive immunology.


I’m also currently working on my Forrest Yoga teacher training, which will be completed in May 2020. This will allow me to build further on what I currently offer and bring something physical and spiritual into treatments if requested. It will also equip me with the skills to help women with physical recovery post-partum.

My Qualifications


BSc (Hons) Traditional Chinese Medicine

Bachelor of Medicine (Beijing)

Dip Tissue Flow

Dip Fertility Support Acupuncture

Forrest Yoga Teacher Trainee

Member of:

Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ATCM)

Member of the British Fertility Society (BFS)

Member of the Acupuncture Fertility Network (AFN)

Member of the Fertility Support Company Advanced Practitioner Group