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Laura Bicker
BSc (Hons) Traditional Chinese Medicine, BM (Beijing), mACC, mRCHM, mBFS, mAFN

I’ve been practising traditional Chinese medicine since 2005.  


In 2006, I discovered that the traditional medicines and techniques I’d trained in were particularly effective at helping women with difficulty conceiving.  The more success I had, the more couples looking to start a family would contact me. So, I decided to specialise in women's health and fertility.  


18 years on I am still just as passionate about fertility and providing the most complete service and support I can to all my patients.


How I can help you 


I bring a natural and holistic approach to all aspects of women’s health, pregnancy, and postpartum recovery – as well as male infertility. 


My training in traditional Chinese medicine forms the foundation for my treatments, which consist of a combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine. Alongside this, I use my specialist training and experience to build in elements of nutrition, naturopathic medicine, lifestyle advice, yoga and massage.


Through my training in Western diagnostic techniques, I can prescribe traditional treatments that complement Western fertility treatments such as IVF to give you the best chances of conceiving. 


Please take a look at my full range of services to find out exactly how I can help you. 

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My training

My training began when I started a five-year BSc Hons degree in traditional Chinese medicine. This took me to Beijing, where I spent six months training in two of the city’s biggest teaching hospitals and received a Bachelor of Medicine.  


​After graduating in 2005, I set up my first practice and have been helping couples build their families ever since. 


Every year I’ve developed and expanded my professional knowledge and skillset, training under expert practitioners such as Jane Lyttleton, Charlie Buck, Janni White, Naava Carmen, Sharon Weizenbaum and Rhiannon Hardingham.

In 2018 I completed an Advanced Fertility Diploma – a new qualification for practitioners that brings together Western diagnostic techniques with traditional Chinese treatments. Alongside my training at Warwick University, this has expanded my knowledge further into the area of reproductive immunology.


In 2020 I completed 200hrs Forrest Yoga teacher training, which has allowed me to build further on what I currently offer and bring something physical and spiritual into treatments if requested. It has also equipped me with the skills to help women with physical recovery post-partum. 

2021 I started a 2-year graduate mentorship program with Sharon Wizenbaum delving deep into the classics of Chinese Medicine and Shan Han Lun style prescribing of herbal medicine.

2023 I continued my naturopathic training with Rhiannon Hardingham expanding and updating my knowledge into naturopathic support and updates for edometriosis and menopause support.

2024 Brings a 400hr training in Conscious connected breathwork alongside some shorter trainings including Naturopathic treatments in Male fertiity.

My Qualifications


BSc (Hons) Traditional Chinese Medicine

Bachelor of Medicine (Beijing)

Dip Tissue Flow

Dip Fertility Support Acupuncture

Forrest Yoga Teacher 200hrs

Fertility Yoga 50hrs

Yin Yoga

Sound Practitioner Diploma

Member of:

Association of Acupuncture Clinicians (ACC)

Register of Chinese Medicine (RCHM)

British Acupuncture Federation (BAF)

British Fertility Society (BFS)

Acupuncture Fertility Network (AFN)

Fertility Support Company Advanced Practitioner Group


Working with Me.

There are several stages to the process of working with me on your fertility journey.  For you to fully engage in the process you must have a level of trust in me as your practitioner and the process involved.  This ensures I am working with clients who get me excited to come to work on a morning and are as invested in their treatment as I am.  Below is an outline of the stages you will go through to help you better understand if I am the person for you.

Stage 1- Booking a Consultation.

Once you have decided you would like to work with me you can arrange a time for your online consultation.  This is likely to be around 6 weeks from the date of making the first contact.  This is partly due to my waiting list but also this enables enough time for you to gather all the information ready for your consultation.  Once your appointment is in the diary you will receive an email containing a number of online forms for you to complete before your consultation.  You will also be given instructions on what data you should gather prior to the appointment and the link ready for your video consultation.

Stage 2 - The Consultation.

During your consultation, we will discuss your case in great detail and review the health of all parties involved in the process. All aspects of health will be reviewed in minute detail.  In addition to your general and fertile health, I will also review your lifestyle and diet.  This is coupled with a naturopathic style analysis of any blood results.  Consultations currently take place online via a video link.  Following the online time, I will take time to produce a detailed treatment plan. This will detail the regularity of acupuncture sessions necessary, herbal program if required, nutritional recommendations, lifestyle changes etc.  I may also recommend other professionals within my network that may be beneficial to aspects of your treatment program.  For example, a functional nutritionist is I see severe or complex issues or a hypnotherapist for needle phobias etc.

If you are not open to using herbal medicine in your treatment I would be happy to recommend an alternative practitioner for you.  In my experience particularly with complex cases or cases of long-standing fertility issues, herbal medicine is integral to success and I find it very difficult to work with one hand tied behind my back.

Stage 3 - Treatment.

Once you have accepted the proposed treatment plan we would arrange and schedule a regular slot for your treatment and begin your acupuncture sessions.  Part of the reason I often have a long waiting list is that I limit the number of patients I will work with at any one time.  This ensures I can be fully focused in our sessions together as well as have adequate time outside of the treatment room to review your case whenever necessary and maintain a high level of training and research. 


The duration of the average treatment program is 3-4 months and I ask that you consider this in your commitment to treatment.  When working with fertility we are influencing the developing environment of the egg and sperm.  The full life cycle of a developing egg or sperm is around 90 days.  For me to have the most impact on your health you would ideally be having treatment for this full development cycle.  However, this is not one size fits all medicine and your case will be individual to you.  If you are embarking on an IVF journey please consider I will require this preparation time with you before you start any medication.

Working with Laura

New Patient Consultation and Treatment

  • 60 consultation.

  • Review of test results and previous investigations.

  • Information sheets and planing. 

  • Diet and lifestyle advice using TCM principals.

  • Supplement information.

  • Practical and actionable changes for you to make.

  • First Acupuncture treatment 30 min



  • Follow up consultation.

  • Acupuncture and any applicable adjuvant treatments such as moxibustion and cupping.

  • Review of herbal prescriptions.


Herb Consultation. 

  • 30 min follow up consultation.

  • Review and planning of prescriptions.


  • 15 min follow up consultation.

  •  Review and planning of prescriptions.


Bespoke Herbal Formula. 

 aprox £3.50 per day

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