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Laura's Essential Oils are hand-blended in the North East of England to her secret recipes. Bringing together a lifetime of experience supporting women using Traditional Chinese medicine and traditional use of essential oils.  


Up - blended to create an uplifting moment for you.  

This invigorating blend encourages the free flow of Qi and Blood in the body. Using oil from one

of the most important herbs in Chinese medicine (Dang Gui) to nourish the Earth element and

strengthen the energy of the Spleen.


Combined with the regulating power of frankincense this blend encourages free flow through the Ren and Kidney meridians. The key energy pathways for health in Chinese Medicine.



Up Essential Oil Blend

  • Laura Bicker Essential oil blends are made using only the finest organic Essential oil.  All* of the essential oils in our blends are certified organic by the soil association and are food-grade quality (*Only Dang Gui Essential oil is currently not organic.)

    The Blends are also: 

    • Vegan
    • Hand blended with love by Laura in the North East of England. 
    • None of the ingredients used are tested on animals.
    • Designed with the conception journey in mind so are blend to be safe in pregnancy, ensuring you can enjoy your oils with peice of mind.
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