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Blend Guide

Discover your Constitutional Type and choose the right blends for you, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a holistic system of health care that has been practised for thousands of years. Central to TCM is the concept of constitutional types, which are classifications based on an individual's inherent physical and psychological characteristics. Understanding these types helps TCM practitioners tailor treatments to individual needs, promoting balance and health. Understanding these types helps TCM practitioners tailor treatments to individual needs, promoting balance and health. This guide will also assist you in selecting the best essential oil blends for you.

The Eight Constitutional Types in TCM

1. Balanced Constitution

Characteristics - Strong build, healthy complexion, energetic, good immune function.
Health Focus - Maintain balance through a well-rounded diet, regular exercise, and stress management.

2. Qi Deficient Constitution

Characteristics - Fatigue, shortness of breath, weak voice, spontaneous sweating.
Health Focus - Strengthen Qi through nourishing foods, adequate rest, and Qi-boosting herbs. Up blend is ideal for nourishing Qi and blood.

3. Yang Deficient Constitution

Characteristics - Cold limbs, aversion to cold, lower back pain, frequent urination.
Health Focus - Warm the body with warming foods, moderate exercise, and Yang-tonifying herbs. Wait blend is ideal for Yang deficient constitutions

4. Yin Deficient Constitution

Characteristics - Hot flashes, night sweats, dry mouth, restlessness.
Health Focus - Nourish Yin with cooling foods, adequate hydration, and Yin-enriching herbs. Down blend is Yin nourishing.

5. Phlegm-Damp Constitution

Characteristics - Overweight, feeling of heaviness, excessive phlegm, sluggishness
Health Focus - Transform dampness with a balanced diet, regular physical activity, and damp-resolving herbs.

6. Damp-Heat Constitution

Characteristics - Greasy skin, bad breath, irritability, bitter taste in the mouth.
Health Focus - Clear heat and resolve dampness with appropriate foods, cooling exercises, and heat-clearing herbs.

7. Blood Stasis Constitution

Characteristics - Dark complexion, purplish lips, sharp pain, varicose veins.
Health Focus - Promote blood circulation through activity, blood-moving foods, and herbs.Up blend helps move Qi and Blood, combined with Down or Wait depending on your constitution.

8. Qi Stagnation Constitution

Characteristics - Emotional instability, sighing, chest tightness, mood swings.
Health Focus - Regulate Qi with stress reduction techniques, physical exercise, and Qi-regulating herbs. Down is perfect to calm and move the liver energy, Relief complements with its effect on tension and focus.

Constitutional Types and Fertility

In TCM, fertility is closely linked to the balance and health of the body's vital substances (Qi, Blood, Yin, and Yang) and organ systems. Each constitutional type can influence reproductive health in unique ways.

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Balancing Constitutions for Fertility

  • Qi Deficiency: Women with Qi deficiency may experience fatigue and irregular menstruation, impacting fertility. Strengthening Qi through a balanced diet and specific herbs like Huang Qi can enhance reproductive health. Up Blend

  • Yang Deficiency: Cold sensations and low energy levels can be signs of Yang deficiency, which might affect conception. Warming the body with foods like ginger and cinnamon, and using herbs like Yin Yang Huo, can improve Yang energy and fertility. Wait Blend

  • Yin Deficiency: Hot flashes and night sweats can indicate Yin deficiency, often linked to diminished ovarian reserve. Nourishing Yin with foods like black sesame seeds and goji berries, along with herbs like Shu Di Huang, can support reproductive health. Down Blend

  • Blood Stasis: Blood stasis can lead to conditions like endometriosis or fibroids, affecting fertility. Promoting blood circulation with foods such as turmeric and herbs like Dan Shen can help improve the chances of conception. Up

IVF and Constitutional Types

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a common assisted reproductive technology that TCM can support through personalized treatment plans based on constitutional types.


Preparation phase - Balancing constitutional types before starting IVF can enhance the body’s readiness. For example, a Qi-deficient individual might focus on building energy reserves, while someone with Yang deficiency would work on warming and energizing the body. Pillow can help with quality sleep, Up with Qi and blood, and relief to release tension.

Down-Regulation Phase - During this phase, TCM treatments aim to manage the body's response to hormonal down-regulation. Acupuncture and herbal formulas tailored to constitutional needs can help maintain balance. Women often experience, fatigue, hot flushes or night sweats, headaches and an amplification of PMT symptoms before a withdrawal bleed Down, Relief and Pillow can assist at this stage.

Stimulation Phase - During IVF stimulation, TCM treatments aim to optimize the response to medication. Acupuncture and herbal formulas tailored to constitutional needs can help manage side effects and improve egg quality. This phase involves tonifying the Qi and Blood and encouraging good circulation of Qi and Blood to the Ovaries and Uterus. Women can experience foggy-headedness, poor concentration, bloating, and constipation. Along with an expected level of anxiety at this crucial stage. Up, Relief and Pillow can assist at this stage

Transfer Phase and the Two-Week Wait  - Post-embryo transfer, TCM focuses on creating a receptive environment in the uterus. Herbal support and acupuncture tailored to individual constitutional types can enhance implantation success rates. Treatments often focus on supporting the kidney yang energy to encourage progesterone levels, calming the mind and boosting qi and blood. Wait is the primary blend at this stage as it supports the yang and calms the mind.

Support Phase - Continuing TCM treatments during early pregnancy can support the maintenance of a healthy pregnancy, reducing risks of miscarriage and promoting overall well-being. Wait is a good blend to continue and can be used with Relief to help support nausea.

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