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How to Make Bath Salts.

A nice warm bath is always a great way to relax after a hard day, but what about when you need that extra bit of care? Pamper yourself and return to you with some soothing bath salts. These bath salts are easy to make at home and make a great gift to yourself or your loved ones. Bath salts can be used to help relieve stress, soothe muscles, ease cramps, and soften the skin.

Bath salts during IVF or a Fertility journey are a simple way to nourish your body at the end of a tough day.

Bag of Epsom salts, 1/2 cup measuring cup, Down essential oil blend for IVF, bottle of carrier oil, mason jar

To make your own bath salts you will need:

  • Laura Bicker “Down” essential oil Blend, or your chosen blend. (Always patch test with your oil when it diluted with the carrier before use on your skin for the firs time)

  • Carrier Oil – There are many accessible options for this - coconut, jojoba, olive, argon oil, and more.

  • Epsom salts – These are affordable and easy to find in your local supermarket.

  • Container of your choice.

empty pickle jar, glass rod, beaker, cup of Epsom salts, Down Essential oil blend for IVF

Step 1 - Measure out your Epsom salts

Measure out 1/2 cup of Epsom salts, into a glass bowl, jug or jar. I'm using an old gherkin jar that has been thoroughly washed and dried. Avoid plastic as the oils can permeate into it and make it very difficult to clean after as well as potentially breaking down the plastic over time.

Step 2 - Measure out your base oil

bottle of carrier oil being poured into a beaker

Measure out 2 table spoons (30 ml) of your chosen base oil into a small container. Then add up to 9 drops of your chosen blend.(3 drops per 10 ml)

"Everything is made of chemicals, but organic substances like essential oils have a structure which only mother nature can put together." – R. Tisserand

Step 3 - Add your blend to your base oil

drops of Down Essential Oil Blend for IVF being added to base oil

A ratio of 3 drops to 10 ml of oil is a good rule of thumb. Add 9 drops of the down blend to the base oil then stir.

mix of base oil and Down essential oil blend for IVF being added to a jar of Epsom salts

Step 4 - Add the oil blend to the Epsom salts. Pour the blend of base and essential oils into your contain with the Epsom salts in. Then stir. till the oil and salts are fully combined.

Jar of Bath salts being stirred with a glass rod.

Step 5 - Transfer into an airtight container.

Finished bath salts being poured into a mason jar,

Pour the finished bath salts into an airtight container. Then when the time comes go run a nice hot bath. When your bath is ready just add 1/2 or the full batch of bath salts to the water and stir with your hands. The amount you will need will vary depending on the size of your bath.

Finished Jar of Bath salts containing Down essential oil blend.

Lay back and enjoy the beautiful relaxing aromas. Bath salts may make the bath slippery, so take extra care when getting in and out.

Remember after embryo transfer during your two week wait it is not recommended to have a bath. As an alternative you could use your Wait blend in the shower.

To discover more about my essential oil blends for IVF or to but a set Click Here,

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