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Evil Bone Water: What is it and how do you use it?

What is Evil Bone Water?

Evil Bone Water aka Zheng Xie Gu Shui is a cult product based on the 500+ years old traditional Chinese herbal liniment, Zheng Gu Shui. The name literally means “water that corrects evil in the bones”. It was created by master herbalist and acupuncturist Dr Mark Brinson who handmakes it to the original recipe, using only the finest ethically sourced, empirical ingredients and good intentions. Whilst a supermarket version is available, it is missing key ingredients making it widely regarded as less effective. Evil Bone Water also contains no animal products, making it a great gift for any friend.

Every herb is microscopically tested not only for proper variety and contaminants but strength… I always ask myself – what do I want on my skin? On my patient’s body? My own family?” – Dr Mark Brinson.

Bottles of Evil Bone Water on a shelf

History of Evil Bone Water

The origins of Zheng Gu Shui are unclear but it is believed that Chinese herbalists developed the liniment to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. The formula dates back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and was potentially developed by Li Shizen, a highly regarded acupuncturist and herbalist. In ancient China and throughout history, Zheng Gu Shui has been used to heal injuries such as broken bones, bruises, fractures, and sprains. Traditionally, it is said to have been used to treat the injuries of soldiers. Martial artists also have a tradition of passing down a similar liniment named Dit Ja Jow, however exact recipes are often kept secret. In addition to these traditional uses, Evil Bone Water has also been used for arthritis, muscle pain, surgical recovery, postpartum sitz bathing, tooth infection, and bites. You name It I have seen posts and images for countless ailments it has helped due to its properties. Evil Bone Water is believed to be an effective treatment due to its inclusion of analgesic and anti-inflammatory herbs such as Ji Gu Xiang, Bai Zhi, and Gui Pi.

3 bottles of Evil Bone Water

How to use Evil Bone Water

Evil Bone Water is very easy to use:

1. Either apply using a cotton ball, gauze or flannel or directly spray onto the affected area.

2. Gently rub or hold the area with a breathable material if using as a compress.

3. You should experience relief fairly soon with a numbing effect.

4. Repeat 2-4x a day.

5. Wash hands after use.


Chinese medicine herbs

While this water works wonders, here are some things to look out for:

· For external use only. Avoid contact with open wounds, eyes, and mouth.

· Allow the skin to breathe when applying as a compress, do not wrap it in plastic, and don't leave for longer than 30 mins always monitoring your skin.

· Do not use on the abdomen or sacrum, whilst pregnant.

· Evil Bone Water changes skin permeability,

meaning anything else applied to the area or

used in a bath will be absorbed more quickly.

This may enhance the use of muscle soaks.

Who can use Evil Bone Water?

This time-tested treatment has been loved by many in the modern day too.

Joy Carol, who purchased her Evil Bone Water from, said:

"I’m in love with Evil Bone Water! 3 weeks ago, I was taken by ambulance to A&E (accident and emergency) here in the UK because I fell completely on top of my patella. This caused a hairline fracture. I immediately put EBW on it to alleviate the pain (which it did). The leg was put in a supportive brace to keep the leg straight and I was told that for at least 6 weeks I would be like this. I’ve been putting EBW on my patella 3 times a day. When I returned to hospital after just 10 days for a second X-ray the consultant could see that the fracture was already filling in and said he didn’t need to see me again. Today is exactly just 3 weeks and I can now bend my knee to 45 degrees! Thank you, Mark T Brinson. I’m off to do some gardening!”

Nsikora said:

“Can’t begin to sing the praises loud enough! Our elderly sweet fur baby, Samantha, who is a mix breed pup we’ve had for 14 years, just could not do the stairs anymore. The diagnosis was arthritic pain. We tried Evil Bone Water and she has been up and down without assistance for 5 months since we started applying it day and night to her back, spine, and front legs. THANK YOU!!!!!”

Like martial artists, Evil Bone Water is essential for athletes and active people.

Dalton Smith said:

As an avid runner, on any given day I experience a bit of pain in my feet, knees, or lower back. Thanks to Evil Bone Water, I can run long distance without having to worry about the pain I’ll endure later. Applying EBW has now become part of my normal training regiment, and I couldn’t be happier!”

Olivia Niedbala said:

“A godsend for acute pain and injury. This stuff has healed me through so many things that life has thrown… sprained ankles, bruised coccyx, sports injuries, and more. Not to mention how much my patients love it!”

It could help keep our elderly loved ones comfortable too.

Melissa Keene Berg said:

A 78 year old female patient came in 5 days after a fall on pavement. The bruising was extensive. She ended up in the hospital for 3 nights as she was severely anaemic. I treated her on day 5 and her lateral left thigh was black and blue, as was her entire pelvic region. I applied a generous amount of EBW to the entire area and the next day she called me from the doctor’s office. He was astounded by her progress and wanted to know my secret.”

And of course, acupuncturists love having this on their shelves.

Diana Moll said:

“I’m an acupuncturist and Evil Bone Water is a real favourite with my patients. They love it for all pain syndromes, acute and chronic, as well as things like bee stings. One patient used in on a deep cyst and three days later she said the cyst was almost gone! I use it in the treatment room to swab points. My patients think I’m a super gentle needler, but I think it’s the Evil Bone Water.”

Boris Bernadsky said:

“I use evil bone water daily on many of my patients. As a regular rock climber, since I started applying EBW regularly to patients my hands recover faster from rock climbing. More importantly, my patients are in far less pain and have an effective product to use in between treatments. I have one patient with an unhealing sore from diabetes, in addition to acupuncture and internal herbal medicine she is regularly applying EBW and it has started to close. She said it’s closing better than when she would go to woundcare to address it.”

Anya Yudin-Baehrle said:

“Evil Bone Water is my personal go to for any pain – muscles or joints, and it flies off the selves in my clinic. My patients cannot live without it – from minor aches and pains to serious injuries and post-operative pain – this is what they use. It is great for post-exercise recovery. I have oncology patients use it for their aches. It is really aa great medicinal for everyday use.”

If you would like to try Evil Bone Water please click the button below:

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