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Adapted from the Traditional Chinese medical treatment. Facial Gua Sha stones have a smooth edge to allow for gentle stimulation and scraping of the face.  This can aid in lymphatic drainage to help reduce puffiness.  The cool stone makes for a refreshing and relaxing treatment.  That can be added to your daily facial routine.  Using the tool to gently massage and stimulate acupressure points on your face will encourage good qi and blood circulation to the skin, flushing the skin with the necessary nourishment for healthy glowing skin.


Made from natural Picasso Jasper which has a grounding and calming quality.  It is also said to bring clarity of thought and mind and to encourage strength and self-discipline.  An excellent stone to support meditation why not include a daily meditation into your facial routine.


As these are made from natural stone each stone has individual patterns and colours so may differ from that pictured.

Piccaso Jasper Facial Gua Sha Stone

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