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Essential Oils to Support Your Fertility

Updated: May 8

As women, we’re forever moving through cycles in our body: the menstrual cycle, our overall cycle of life, moving from puberty through menstruation, menopause and beyond, possibly the IVF cycle, and, of course, pregnancy. Throughout our lives, we experience changes that can, at times, seem quite turbulent, intense, and overwhelming even, with hormones leading our bodies through a series of physical and emotional experiences. Whatever we can do to support our bodies naturally and gently can enhance overall wellbeing and promote a harmonious balance.

Essential oils are a wonderful way to support your body and round your wellbeing, used for centuries due to their therapeutic properties. Inhaled or used topically, carefully chosen essential oils can be used to support your fertility journey, pairing oils to target different aspects of the body and hormones. Combining the finest essential oils and wisdom of Chinese medicine, I have designed blends that support different areas of your wellbeing and can be used throughout your journey. Included in these blends are essential oils that act as adaptogens in our bodies, meaning they impact our bodies in a way that helps them adapt, often to stress and bring them back into balance. Here are just some essential oils that can support you through your fertility journey. 

Essential oils for balancing your hormones:

Clary Sage:

A well-known and used companion for those going through menopause, Clary Sage is a powerful oil esteemed for its estrogen-balancing properties, which allow for hormone level regulation in women. It’s also an essential oil which can reduce stress, and it’s been suggested that it can also reduce blood pressure. For the same reasons, this is an essential oil you’ll want to consider throughout your fertility journey.


Alongside grounding and calming properties, the converted scent of rose has also been found to be a stress reliever, with studies showing that indicators of brain activity in the absence of stress significantly increased when stimulated with rose.¹ Additionally, rose has been found to improve human sexual function, with one study suggesting the combination of rose with lavender, fennel, and geranium.²


Not only a soft, delightful scent, geranium essential oil can aid in hormone regulation, balancing estrogen levels within the body. By fostering hormonal balance, this oil has the potential to boost fertility in both men and women. Studies have found that inhalation of Geranium essential oils can influence salivary concentration of estrogen.³ You’ll also find that geranium can have significant calming effects and can aid in managing stress, working as an anti-anxiety support. 


Renowned for its uplifting properties, the peppermint essential oil offers a refreshing boost to mood and vitality. Its invigorating aroma clears the mind and combats feelings of fatigue, making it an ideal choice for a natural pick-me-up throughout the day. Peppermint can help to revitalise the spirit, promoting a positive outlook and renewed energy.

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We know that one of the most damaging things for our bodies can be long-term stress - looking after your mind and creating time and space for yourself is not an indulgence but something we each deserve and an essential part of protecting our health. When trying to conceive and going through IVF, unwelcome stress can often unfortunately come into play, and mindset can be important. At a time when you want to avoid stress to support your body, here are some essential oils which you might want within reach. 

Oils for looking after your mind - managing mood and stress: 


Similarly, another uplifting scent, the grapefruit essential oil, is a natural mood enhancer. Sharp and refreshing, this aroma can help elevate mood and promote feelings of positivity and rejuvenation, reducing stress.


While this may be the most well known essential oil for relaxation, it should not be overlooked. The calming properties of lavender essential oil can help reduce stress and promote relaxation and pairs beautifully with many other essential oils. Because of these properties, you could use it throughout the day, when taking some time for yourself, or before bed to help you get a good night’s sleep.


Rosemary is a go-to for mental clarity; while this can be applied for focus, with research showing positive stimulatory effects when inhaled, modifying nervous system responses and moods, its properties for calming and relaxation should not be underestimated, especially when paired with other calming essential oils. Rosemary could also impact circulation and inflammation, again supporting the fertility journey. 


This ancient oil has been revered for its myriad of health benefits, including being antimicrobial and its tranquillising impact, Frankincense, so remember this one to support your sleep, too! Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the frankincense essential oil may help to support overall reproductive health.⁵ 

The more you can do to support your body and nurture your wellbeing with natural and organic aids throughout your life, and of course, specifically when trying to conceive, the better. So, I encourage you to take the time for yourself, create space, and explore using some of these blends to enhance your wellbeing. 

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