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Women’s health and fertility expertise and support

Looking for fertility support in the North East?

I’m here to help

Who am I?

I’ve been helping women with health and fertility issues through my expertise in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine for over 15 years. 


I’m here to help you with all aspects of women’s health, from fertility to pregnancy to postpartum recovery. I can also help with male fertility issues. 


I studied a five-year degree in traditional Chinese medicine before spending six months in Beijing training in two of the city’s teaching hospitals, where I received a Bachelor of Medicine. 


I’ve spent the last fifteen years helping couples across the North East build their families.


My training in Western diagnostic techniques means that I’m able to work alongside any Western medical treatment you might also be receiving.

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How can I help?

Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture can help boost female fertility, balance the hormones, and strengthen the body's ability to achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Traditional Chinese medicine can resolve the underlying issues of male infertility by improving sperm quantity, quality and increasing the success rate of assisted conception.

Acupuncture can act as a natural remedy to many of the ailments you might suffer during pregnancy, including morning sickness, heartburn, and constipation.

I’ll investigate all aspects of your health as fully as possible and provide a course of traditional treatments that will help resolve your health issues.

According to eastern traditions, the menstrual cycle should be pain-free and uneventful. By using the Chinese diagnostic system it’s possible to find and treat the root cause of disorders that prevent a normal and regular menstrual flow.

As a Forrest Yoga teacher in training, I can help you improve your lifestyle, posture, and health through a regular yoga practice.

“Laura became an essential part of my fertility journey and I have no doubt whatsoever that she contributed significantly to the success of my last cycle, which led to the birth of our magical daughter.

Andrea, Sunderland. 


My Services

During your consultation we’ll discuss your full health history including your fertility journey so far, any medication and supplements you’re taking, and your diet and lifestyle. From here I’ll be able to give you bespoke fertility and health guidance.

Acupuncture is one of the most widely practiced complementary medical treatments in the UK.

I specialise in using acupuncture to improve the birth rates of women undergoing IVF or ICSI.

Chinese herbal medicine has been a key part of healthcare in Asia for thousands of years and is considered very effective at getting to the root of chronic and complex conditions. I specialise in using traditional medicines to increase female and male fertility.

“Laura is truly a miracle worker and I really don’t think we’d be in the very fortunate position that we are today without her! Thank you Laura!

Gemma, Durham

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