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Pregnant Woman in Nature

Pregnancy Self Care.


One commonly encountered issue in early pregnancy is constipation.  Looking at it through the lens of Chinese Medicine it can relate to a number of imbalances in the body.  Below are some key foods that can help.

For Liver Qi Stagnation try adding raisins, apricots and peaches into your diet. You may also notice generally being more tense or frustrated.

To help boost potassium - prunes and pumpkin.

To promote movement - cabbage, bran and asparagus.

To help lubricate the intestines - banana, spinach, Honey, apples, pine nuts and carrots.

Always ensure you are sufficiently hydrated, try and get regular exercise to help maintain the flow of energy in the body, but also rest as your body needs.  Overexertion can also have a negative effect so be mindful of the demands you place on your body while it is working hard supporting growth.

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