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This is one of my personal blends.  My favourite herbal tea blend for a relaxing night with friends.  Hand blended in small batches using the finest ingredients available.


A Cool Night In

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  • Hand blended in small batches A Cool Night In combines Organic Bo He (Peppermint) and Yang Jin Hua (Damiana) to make the perfect relaxing tea blend.  

    A firm favourite with a cult following this tea is perfect after dinner to aid digestion and relaxation.

    Bo He in Chinese medicine is known for its properties of clearing wind-heat which can help with cough, headache and sore throat.  It can also relieve stagnation in the body, helping reduce tension and PMS. It is probably most well known for its property of aiding digestion

    Yang Jin Hua is said to lifts the Spirit and Calms Shen, making it ideal when needing to relax and an excellent option for a dry January. It's calming properties can also help relax the body aiding sleep and lifting the mood.  It's properties of tonifying Kidney Yang and strengthening Jing are maybe why it is most well known as an aphrodisiac and adding menstural disorders.  It also has a mild laxative effect aiding digestion after a large meal.


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