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Dang Gui: How it can aid fertility and overall wellbeing

Dang Gui is one of the most important and widely used herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine due to its extensive medicinal properties. The use of Dang Gui can be traced back over 2,000 years in ancient Chinese medical texts like “Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing”, one of the earliest known texts on Chinese herbal medicine. Physicians of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) referred to it as the “Empress of Herbs” and it is still popularly used today in herbal formulas to treat many health conditions.

Dried Dang Gui herb on a white background.

Effects on the Uterus and Women’s Health

Dan Gui is also known as Angelica Sinensis or Chinese Angelica Root but is often referred to as “female ginseng” due to its traditional use in aiding various women’s health issues. It is considered a uterine tonic that is believed to strengthen and nourish the uterus, benefitting women who experience deficiencies in the uterus. It is also considered a blood tonic that helps in regulating menstruation by invigorating blood circulation to alleviate cramps and can be combined with other herbs to support hormonal balance. In some cases, Dang Gui may be used as a uterine relaxant to ease contractions, spasms, and discomfort. It can even be used to aid postpartum recovery and is believed to help the uterus return to a comfortable state after childbirth by assisting in the removal of lochia or postpartum discharge.

Dang Gui and an assortment of herbs on a mat, next to a book and mug.

Effects on the Liver and Qi

Dang Gui also has many other health benefits including many effects on the liver. The liver is a vital organ in Traditional Chinese Medicine, responsible for the smooth flow of Qi and blood throughout the body. Dang Gui is known to have a mild warming effect and is often prescribed for fatigue, weakness, or lack of vitality because it is used to invigorate Qi, the body’s vital energy.

By strengthening this energy, Dang Gui improves overall well-being and resilience. Dang Gui is able to do this by tonifying the liver, supporting detoxification, regulating hormonal functions of the liver, and reducing inflammation.

Dang Gui is also considered a moistening herb that can nourish dryness and promote better fluid circulation in the body. It is often used to alleviate dry skin, dry coughs and can moisten the bowels for healthier and more comfortable digestion. It can also help to relieve sores and abscesses as it reduces swelling and aids the generation of new healthy cells.

The Dang Gui plant and how it is used

Dropper bottles next to a plant on a plain background.

The head and tail of the Dang Gui plant actually have different functions. The head is said to be the most tonifying whereas the tail is most effective in aiding blood circulation, but usually, a combination of both is prescribed. It is available in various forms including dried roots, powders, and extracts but is frequently used in combination with other herbs to address specific health conditions. Most often in the clinic, I use it combined with other herbs to make a herbal formula for a patient or as in my essential oil blends like UP combined with other oils in a similar way.

Remember all herbs have a safe dosage range and are chosen on a case-by-case basis so it is important to consult a qualified Chinese Medicine practitioner before using Dang Gui or any herbal supplement.

Use in essential oils and aromatic benefits

There is a concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine called “Xiang” or “Fragrance”, which refers to the aromatic components of herbs and their therapeutic benefits. This is a lesser-known aspect of Chinese medicine using essential oils of herbs and plants in treatments. Dang Gui is known for its distinctive and pleasant fragrance which can have a calming effect on the mind and body, promoting relaxation and balancing energy. It is believed that Dang Gui has harmonising properties, meaning it can help balance and integrate the properties of other herbs in a formula. Therefore, it is often used as a key ingredient in herbal formulas to enhance their effectiveness and reduce the likelihood of any potential side effects.

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A bottle of Laura Bicker Up Essential Oil

Be Uplifted by Dang Gui

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