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The Yin and Yang of Food. 

Eating to optimise hormone balance.

This page is split into stages, the easiest way to adapt your diet is to imagine each stage is a step on your journey. Trying to adapt to a new way of living and eating should be done one step at a time.  This will allow you to form lifelong habits and not become too overwhelmed.  You may find as you read through each stage you are already a few steps ahead on your journey, but it can sometimes be helpful to further deepen those habits to read through them.

A Water Jug
A Water Jug

Stage 1

Hydration - This may seem basic but if you are not hydrated then your body is already lacking one of the most basic elements it needs to function well.  The two most common phrases I hear in the clinic are "I could drink more" and "I just forget to drink".  If you are consistently not listening to your bodies cues eventually it will stop giving you them. Aim to drink around two litres of water a day.  If you have been running around on just a few caffeinated drinks for a while, then I also suggest adding a hydration sachet to your water for a couple of days.  This is especially useful if you are experiencing headaches frequently or you have been diagnosed with a condition that is linked to issues with blood stasis in Chinese Medicine. If you are unsure if this is you add it to your list of questions.  Other signs you may need a hydration boost are flushing, feeling hot at night or around your period, menstrual or muscle cramps.

Stage 2

Clear the Yang Ming.

Essentially this means we need to encourage efficient elimination in your body through a healthy digestive system.  You have two detoxification pathways in your body 

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