Hypnotic | Opulent | Sensual


"I wanted to create a hero product which fed, nourished and rejuvenated delicate facial skin. Returning to my herbalist roots, I sourced whole plants used for centuries to treat skin conditions from conscious growers. Through time honoured methodology these plants were infused in single farmed oils, cold pressed to retain their full nutrient spectrum. I then distilled the most potent ingredients from the rainforests of the Caribbean to conjure a natural perfume which encourages a deep breath and connecting with your heart chakra. The alchemist in me combines these elements to form a sophisticated vitamin cocktail which repairs, nourishes and rejuvenates skin, whilst calming sensitivity and revealing a lifted, brightened and glowing complexion." Theresa - Founder of Skin Alchemists.

Sésenne- Rejuvenating Facial Elixir

  • 20ml - Facial Elixir.

    Opulent oils of cell-reviving rose de mai, jasmine  and rose geranium lightly perfume your skin. Illuminating lemon and carrot seed  help to diminish lines and even skin tone. Healing calendula and yarrow restore and rejuvinate skin to unveil a dewy finish, with wrinkle-fighting Frankincense  improving skin’s elasticity. Anchored in a base of nature’s known retinol Cacay Seed Oil blended with other powerhouse botanics for the ultimate healing and renewing blend. 



    Warm 4-6 drops between your hands and deeply inhale. be intoxicated with her scent. Swipe hands over your visage, then push and press this delicious elixir over your face, forehead and neck.




    glowing skin that looks fed,  renewed and rejuvenated